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I never planned on climbing the corporate ladder, but somehow I did. After 15 years, I was "in the room" with celebrated American luxury fashion designers that some people could only hope to brush shoulders with. It sounds like this would be a dream come true, but it wasn't for me. I was living on a battlefield every day and I had been processing my professional successes as failures. My career didn't align with what my personal definition of success was. That hustle & grind brought stress, anxiety, anger, and a digestive disorder.  It also led to a reliance on sleeping pills and alcohol to cope, a play-too-hard mindset, and a consistent nagging need to run far, far away. My journey took me down a dark and unhealthy path.  I knew there had to be a better way to "do" life, but I was stuck. 

​When Covid hit in 2020, I found myself unemployed, very alone in quarantine, with a lack of purpose but an extremely strong will to "figure this shit out already."  So, with a whiteboard in hand, I wrote down everything that I felt REALLY GOOD doing in my free time: slowly enjoying my morning coffee, a meditation on a beach with the sun kissing my face, reading (and smelling) real paperback books, gentle yin yoga to nourish and move my body, traveling all over the world to experience different cultures, investing in genuine relationships with supportive friends and family, DEEP BELLY LAUGHTER, napping outside in the breeze, singing out loud with the car windows down, indulgent long spa days, and eating WELL (like bougie well).

​So, what was the common denominator in all of this?  SELF-CARE. I had discovered that I was a spiritual being living in a materialistic world, and the way to improve my life was by using the power of lifestyle as medicine.

​I had found my "why" and a day later I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I worked hard and put in the hours. I studied, experimented on myself, coached others, and eventually earned my certification to be a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. I wanted to show up to every day in a much different way than I had been. Slowly, I started to let go of the fear-based beliefs that I had relied on for so many years. I released the "negative obsession" that largely ruled my life and friendships. I started to shift my focus toward straight-up APPRECIATION and LOVE instead of fixating on the negative. That was my ticket to joy. I quickly realized that focusing on feeling good felt good! It was the most valuable tool I had in my toolbox to vibrate on another level and reach my goals.   

I want to share my knowledge and growth with you. I want to HELP YOU take a more holistic and intuitive approach to health and wellness. I want to SHOW YOU that you can live a life of limitless possibilities where feeling good is your natural set-point every single day. And I want YOU to KNOW that YOU ARE MEANT TO BE HERE…FULL OF LIFE AND FULL OF ENERGY.

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