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Meditation: Expectations vs. Reality

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Expectation: Meditation is so hard!

Reality: Meditation is a little bit uncomfortable…AT FIRST. But HARD? Absolutely not. Working with a manipulative boss is HARD. Parenting is HARD. Getting over an addiction is HARD. But Meditation? It’s as easy as taking a few minutes for yourself each day to breathe, pay attention to your physical and emotional self, and set an intention to be grateful for something - anything.

Expectation: I’m not capable of sitting in silence and thinking about nothing.

Reality: You are SO CAPABLE of this. Meditation is not about thinking about nothing, but rather it’s about quieting the mind and relaxing mindfully. We meditate to detox the mind. We meditate to train our bodies to properly respond to fear and other threatening emotions. And we meditate to GET GOOD AT LIFE.

Expectation: I’ve been meditating for a while now, but I don’t think I’m good at it or doing it right.

If you’re doing it at all, you’re doing it right.

Reality: If you’re doing it at all, you’re doing it right. This is the beauty of meditation. Much like yoga, it’s a zero-judgment zone. There is no RIGHT way to do it. But I will tell you that if you forget to meditate one day and realize you miss it, in your heart and soul, then you are absolutely doing it right.

Expectation: I don’t have the TIME to meditate.

Reality: If you have a single minute to spare in your day, just 60 seconds, it’s a start. Learning to relax is crucial to long-term health and vitality. A single minute offers you a moment to detach, assess your wants and needs, and reengage with your life at a higher energetic level with purpose and compassion. That single minute of detachment will suspend your fear-based thoughts, even for 1 moment, which is enough to start providing relief. Consistency is key, so wake up 5 minutes earlier, get into bed 5 minutes sooner, or find yourself a bathroom to lock yourself in for 5 minutes, because the influence that meditation will have on your health is priceless.

Interested in an individualized guided meditation session? If you have 5 minutes or 50 minutes, I got you.


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