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The Ultimate How-To Guide to Meditation in 2022

Someone I had dated over 10 years ago meditated every single morning using a different mantra that he would repeat over and over. When he told me about it, I judged him HARD and I thought he was a total whacko for needing that every day. I was completely closed off to the concept. Years later, when the universe finally knocked on my door with the recommendation to try it just once, I had no idea what I was doing but I knew deep within me that it was what I needed to move forward in my life.

So, after years of trial and error, surrounding myself with others on a similar path, and coaching group meditations, I’ve come up with some fail-safe ways to get you started on your meditation journey.

GO – JUST DO IT. Sit, or lay, for just a moment without any other distractions.

If that resonated with you, carve out time in your schedule with some level of consistency and discipline. Mornings, lunch breaks, before bed, etc. I prefer the morning because after spending 7-8 hours in a peaceful state, free and clear from any distractions overnight, I want to keep that state of flow going as long as I possibly can before any negativity sets in. You may also prefer meditation right before bed; it will put you in a calm and relaxed state to get a good night’s sleep and start the following day off on the right foot.

Pick your place.

It could be a beautiful outdoor location, a chair you are cozy in, or just a favorite blanket you wrap around yourself – wherever you can find peace. My spot is a rocking chair on my balcony, facing the sunrise, so as the sun peeks up from the horizon, I can feel the energy and warmth soaking right into me.

Start your meditation with PURPOSE.

If you need to tell others in your home to give you some space for a few minutes, do it. Put that phone on DND (do not disturb), and find your position of choice. The key here is PURPOSE.

Close your eyes and breathe.

Simply close your eyes and begin to look inward. Always return to the breath when you find yourself wandering. Keep in mind that there is no right breath either. We can get into all kinds of complex breathwork patterns, but for this level of basic meditation, just pay attention to the breath. Imagine and guide where it goes in your body, the inhale and the exhale, and monitor your physical level of comfort in this moment.

Set a single intention.

Just pick a thought - a positive one - and go with it. Mine is often simply to feel good for a moment and to be present. Forgive yourself for being so hard on yourself and try to feel grateful for this one life we have.

As you spend a sliver of time each day meditating for however long or short you can, watch yourself transform over time into a state of mindfulness more and more throughout each day, and notice how you crave meditation more and more each day.

Interested in an individualized guided meditation session? If you have 5 minutes or 50 minutes, I got you.


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