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Could having a Health Coach be the key to dealing with 2022?

Curious about getting a Health Coach, but you don't know exactly what they do or how they can help? Read below for some insights!

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So, what does a Health Coach do?



    • ​offers science and experience-based support, focusing on both health AND wellness (mental, physical, and emotional)

    • will identify patterns in behavior that may be harmful and work with you to develop alternatives

    • uses a growth mindset and offers strength-based support

    • is a compassionate guide and mentor who encourages positive change

    • provides inspiration and accountability

    • empowers clients to choose health-promoting behaviors that work for them that are enjoyable, manageable, and sustainable​

    • will bridge the gaps in our healthcare system and be a powerful complement to Western medicine, focusing on holistic prevention and finding balance and optimal body functionality, rather than crisis care and pain management

Interested in learning more about my program? Get in touch! I got you!


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